dom za stare


“Home “ for old people “Andrea“ gives you sure pleasant and careless old age dwelling. Our main taska are cars, intent and care of sick people, old and lonely. The special part of “Home Andrea“ is equipped with adequate equippement for people who can t walk or get out of bed.


“Home Andrea“ gives you an opportunity to execute a contract for lifelong care. Spend the gold age og you life in our “Home“ that cares about you in the right way. „Home Andrea“ for old people, gives you pleasant atmosphere, the best service possible and professional care.

medicinska nega


Besides accommodation “Home Andrea“ gives old and sick people complete medical care and professional stuff is always there for them. Beside constant help of other persons, physical therapy is organized, working therapy, logoped therapy.

socijalna zastita


Social worker from our “Home“ organized various activities in order to make better the atmosphere in the rooms where they spend their free time, and in order to make better the quality of life. That is our main duty. The main process is to adapt the beneficiaries.


This terapy is applied in connection and possibilities of sick old people.
It depends on the needs of old people and in that case the medical programe is organized.
It usually starts with physiotar s consulting and the therapy is organized by physical therapists and working therapists.
Our main aim is to enable old sick people to be fit to feel fine and pleasant in independent of other persons in everyday life.


The aim of working therapy is to make better self-confidence of a person in connection with active daily life making the old people less dependant on the help of other people developing their possibilities giving them new chances and giving them life of better quality. Planing recreation treatmans in geriatry take qualified persons, giving medical diagnosis and answering the questions how that illness influences the life of the person and his everyday activities. Working with old people working therapist uses the main, general specialized technics, methods with patients who have neurological, traumatological, psihological or mental problems.


Occupation working therapy is also organized in “Home Andrea”. It is in connection with real knowledge and possibilities of old people and it should slow down the process of getting on in age. It should also make better the peychic and physical condition of old men. The aim of occupation working therapy is to help in adapting in new surroundings, patients feel better , want to communicate with other people, they can be self-confident in work, they are also self-confident in some activities of daily life, they exercise some perceptive functions, exercise manual possibilities, all this has results in pchihophisical activities (social contact working in groups), it helps beneficiaries to change and control some bad states and at last it helps them to take their own identity.


If necessary we can organize logoped care, the logoped treatment for adult people who have some problems in speaking. Logoped in “Home Andrea” is the specialist of the best quality and with continuons treatment we have good results. His main task is to slow down the progressive problems as well as to use the alternative decisions for communication when speed is not possible. At the same time he should keep rich lingual and intellectual power of each person so that he could have complete and normal life.


Beside the other things “Home Andrea” takes care of dementia persons. The main aim of working therapy with dementia persons is to keep his actual state of their mental function and depending on the persons enable them to do some activities on their own. Working with dementia persons we have the following aims: we insist on working up, make influence on waking up, paying attention and making better feelings. We have to deal with some activities (being had worker and getting working habits). We make an influence on pcyhosocial and pcychic activities we also help the patient to stop bad impulses and condition.