“Home Andrea“ was established to give high quality service to make life easier for old and sick persons.

Our “Home“ is built to the highest European standars and it is available for different kind of people.

There are two functional objects – two buildings with capacity of 26 beds in one object and 48 beds in larger one.
The smailler object consists of two- beded, three-beded and four beded rooms, with two large dining-rooms and four batherooms.

Larger, new object, consists od ground floor and two floors. There are eight two-beded rooms on each floor connected with a bathroom. (two rooms, one bathroom). Every room has a small tea kitchen and a terrace. There are three large sitting-rooms, there is also an elevator in the new buildingr to help old people to go to their rooms. The sitting room is very large and comfortable for playing cards, watching tv, reading newspapers or books and having a cup of tea or coffee.

There is also an ambulance with modern equipement for giving first aid, therapy massage etc. There is a special part of the “Home “ for very old and sick people who stay all day in bed. There are special mattreses for such people who are always in bed.

So our beneficiaries have high quality care and comfort. There is a garden round the “Home “ with few tables and benches, grass and flowers. During summer time there can see it in the garden and have a cup of coffee or tea. The halls in the new object are wide 33 meters long so that old people can walk when the weather is bad.

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